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Sensory toy based on vibration

What is Loono and why it is necessary?

Loono is tactile didactic tool primarily intended for children with combined hearing and vision loss-Deaf-blindness, but is intended not only for multiple-handicapped children. This haptic device is focused on the development of tactile perception, acting at the same time as a relaxing object and an educational tool.
Moreover, for these children tactile perception is only one way how to perceive their life.
And what is pity, on the market you can find a limited amount of tools and aid for them. That is why I decided to focus on this group, to design something new, something what could motivate them, make them simply happy and eventually could bring progress.
I decided to create tool for children with deaf-blindness, which is for me personally one of the hardest handicap ever. Very often these children have associated mental retardation that is why it is very complicated to motivate them to develop themselves. Also communication between child and teacher/ parents is much more difficult.
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